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What goes into the Bailey Ranges?

It all started with a simple question: “Is there a better way?” Leisure vehicle design and construction hadn’t moved on very much for over 30 years, until we developed Alu-Tech and changed everything.

Alu-Tech is a completely new approach to bodyshell construction. Using a unique interlocking aluminium framework to clamp the body panels together, Bailey created a shell that was so much more robust and durable than anything else.

Greater protection against the elements comes from a significant reduction in the number of external joints and fixing points, along with using timber-free components in the upper bodyshell panels. Thicker, better-insulated panels, cloaked in impact resistant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), hugely improve the thermal performance of the bodyshell, for genuine four-season performance. All this, with no increase in weight or cost.

Turns out, there is a better way.

2 year caravan
3 year motorhome

transferable manufacturers components warranty *

10 year

transferable bodyshell integrity warranty *

*Terms and conditions apply.


Alu-Tech is 10% lighter than conventional construction methods making them accessible to a wider range of tow vehicles.

Since Alu-Tech first hit the road ten years ago, we’ve built more than 70,000 Bailey caravans and Bailey motorhomes using Alu-Tech technology.

Alutech Body section
  1. Polystyrene core
  2. Composite plastic extrusion
  3. Alu-Tech rail
  4. Structural fixing bracket
  5. Alu-Tech rail insulation
  6. GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) outer and inner skin
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